The BarTruss is an easily assembled tracking truss, just one bolt does the trick.
With its L-brackets you can hang it from any rigging point available, using speed rail and clamps you can get it anywhere. For a more permanent setup it also can be bolted in concrete walls.

The free span (one tube on top) of BarTruss is 8 meters, with a payload of 60 kilogram and deflection of 0,8 cm. If your rigging is square (so two fixed rigging points at one end) you can extend the free span up to 10 meters with a payload of 60 kilograms. (This still needs to be confirmed)

BarTruss is designed for use as one tube on top. If you want to use the BarTruss flat-top (so two tubes on top…) the above figures are decreased maximum. This will mean that every BarTruss needs a support at the joint.