BarTrack crane

Making a dolly roll

Of course our tracks are available for cranes and motion control with their wider track gauge. Most of our clients nowadays are coming in for usage with telescopic cranes or a motion control rig. The clients are very impressed by the rigidity and stability.

It is used for the Panther Galaxy, Phoenix and the Techno50 and its equivalents like MovieBird. Its weight for each section is about 18 kilograms. Since it only needs support every 60 centimeter it is levelled very quickly. No complaints and just the best shots. BarTrack for use as crane track is provided with sturdier sleepers than our standard BarTrack. That is the only difference.

Just like our straight BarTrack for dolly, you can get them either as rigid track or as scissor track. Of course we do manufacture a wide base startertrack.

While manufacturing the track no welding has been done, all parts have been assembled by bolts so no distortion on the extruded aluminum profile has occurred.

Optional: Spring Spanners

We have found our way in connecting the tracks without over tightening and yet keep them together: a Spanner with a spring! No adjustments need to be made anymore. Always the right tension, easy to use and most important: very fast!

BarTrack for Crane and MotionControl – tech specs

max payload when supported each crosstie / sleeper: 300 kg
maxpayload when supported each crosstie / sleeper and each mini-sleeper: 2850 kg

tube diameter:                38 mm
tracktube height:            75 mm
(mini-)sleeper height:     15 mm
footprint width:           1093 mm

WT 230 R  Track, straight, 2.30m (8ft)
WT 150 R  Track, straight, 1.50m (5ft)
WT 100 R  Track, straight, 1.00m (3ft)
WT 075 R  Track, straight, 0.75m (2ft)
WT 300 R  Track, straight, 3.00m (10ft)

WT 230 S  Track, straight, 2.30m (8ft)
WT 150 S  Track, straight, 1.50m (5ft)
WT 100 S  Track, straight, 1.00m (3ft)
WT 075 S  Track, straight, 0.75m (2ft)
WT 300 S  Track, straight, 3.00m (10ft)

MTC 100  StarterTrack
MTC 200  Adapter Track to … (on request)