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SolidGripSystems is a key manufacturer of aluminum precision tracks for both film and television.
SGS also manufactures the TwinDolly and the TrussDolly including an extensive range of accessories.

These precision products, although intentionally designed for the film and television industry, are also used by medical professionals and even found their way in aviation and nautical industries.
Key factors are the high overall quality and great accuracy while the products remain straight forward and easy to use.

We are manufacturers but most of all we are grips – key grips – so we know the business and how it works.


In 1996 Hugo van Baren found a way to make the perfect joint for aluminium precision tracks. His years of experience in being a key grip in Holland gave him the knowledge to develop a perfect piece of equipment, without concessions to weight or perfectness. In 2005 his illness forced him to start thinking of an successor for his knowledge. When he died on March 6th 2006 he knew that all his knowledge was shared with me, Onno Perdijk. I kept the name of the tracks but had to rename the company of Hugo from Barlux to Solid Grip Systems.
I have been a (key)grip for ages before I took over the manufacturing. From the experience of my own (rental)company Solid Grip, it was a small step to enter the world of manufacturing. Continuing the sales part was a bigger challenge.
With my on-set knowledge it was a logical step to first focus to new product development and this resulted in the TrussDollySystem. This was a good step forward.
Solid Grip Systems was founded and now carries several very nice and well received product categories.


To maintain and improve our product quality as well as to stay tuned with the latest needs and requirements we believe direct input from the set is essential. For that reason Onno Perdijk, founder and co-owner of Solid Grip Systems spends a significant part of his time working as key grip on the set.

New product design and improvement of existing products, it all directly derives from what actually happens on the set. Quality is key for SolidGripSystems and therefore the company now is enforced with an additional partner, Eric Tollenaar, with focus on quality, logistics and continuity.

We believe this combination ensures that SolidGripSystems will be a strong partner, able to deliver high quality affordable products that will support your daily grip activities


When you are ready to order, you can send an email with your needs and questions and you will receive a quotation in return. When you agree with the listed items, you will return an order confirmation and wire the  advanced payment of 40% of the agreed amount. After that we will start manufacturing your order. Of course we do have most of the material in stock and depending of the delivery times of our manufacturers we can have your order ready in 4 to 12 weeks. Especially curved tracks have a longer production time. As soon as your order is ready for packing you will receive an update so you can wire the remaining 60% of the agreed amount. After receiving full payment we will release your order for shipment. Most of our customers arrange the shipping themselves but we have a small and reliable company doing most of our rental shipments with full satisfaction.


If you’d ever see the need for a special product or adaption / modification please contact us.
We love getting inspired by our customer and act accordingly.