BarTrack curved

Making a dolly roll

The use of curves in today’s cinematography has one general drawback: one never seems to get the appropriate curve for a given situation. BarTrack now offers a solution in so much as that we make different curve sizes. All our curves are in easy to handle sizes with an overall length of approx. 2m10 and measured in outside diameters.

Centerfold Curved tracks

New, and available from December 2014 onwards, is the curved section with the revolutionary Centerfold as crosstie. This new feature will reduce the packing size of a curved section by 50% without giving in on stability or robustness.

Optional: Spring Spanners

We have found our way in connecting the tracks without over tightening and yet keep them together: a Spanner with a spring! No adjustments need to be made anymore. Always the right tension, easy to use and most important: very fast!

The extra small curve is most suitable for small areas or pivoting around your subjects or persons. Most dolly do fit, the longer wheel sleeves might sometimes be cumbersome.

The small curve is the standard diameter. It mostly suits all your needs, and still very easy to handle. Also in smaller locations. Half of this circular dolly track is what a grip truck should carry along.

The medium curve is superb for shooting music videos: this size fits exactly with a medium-crewed band, yet a solo artist can be isolated using the longer lenses.

The wide curve is perfect for car shootings or choreographic performances.
It also applies to your demands when you do not want a straight tracking shot and yet a small drifting would be appropriate.

Tech Specs

Each section of Curved BarTrack is maximum 2m30 long.
Depending of the radius it has a width of 90 cm till 1m10
Each section weighs around 9 kilograms