making a slider fly

The TrussDollySystem is a very versatile system. It is a railing system used for horizontal, diagonal and vertical movement of the camera. You can either use the camera mounted on the TrussDolly on top or underslung. With or without a remote head. The rigidity allows a payload of 80 kilograms at a free span of 8 meters, with just a small deflection of less then 8mm.

It is setup by joining 2m30 sections of BarTruss with just one bolt, so a fast setup is a fact. With the knowledge of BarTrack we can guarantee a tracking shot without any distortion or bumps. It cannot be compared with any system in the world: it is not a crane, it is not a dolly track, it is not a giant Ubanghy. It is all combined!

The system is fully modular in this way that with a full system you can do all of its intentions for the way it was developed. With a small amount of DIY you can do more. It is easy to use gear: low tech electronics, low adjustments, no “read instruction manual”. All you need is to know some basics and you’re ready to go.
Finally it is also possible  to have the system motorized. Contact us for more information.

To help our customers in which items to purchase for a workable kit we have assembled the TrussKit.