Whereas the TwinDolly is principally built to be used upside up, the TrussDolly is in the first place built to be used upside down.
The TwinDolly can be used upside down when you use the bowl risers to get the bowl underneath the dolly in between the TwinTube (as per picture in link
The TrussDolly can be used either way although it does need more rigging support using upside up.

From time to time demo units, used at trade-shows, are available.
Second hand equipment however is not available.
Not one single customer ever returned a unit, something we see as a compliment for our product!

We have already sold some motorized kits at the clients full satisfaction. But we ourselves where not completely confident in getting the most out of it. That is why at the moment we are setting up a collaboration with a renowned company to get it working the way it is meant to be, aiming at a listprice of 1450 euro for the TwinDolly and 2750 euro for the TwinDolly.

Yes, that does happen more often now. We can provide a stepper motor unit to which you can connect your own controllers. We can also adjust existing, complete systems for our TwinDolly on client specific base at cost level.

Yes, but what is high speed? Be aware that the dollies are standard equipped with skateboard-like wheels. So going up over 10 m/sec it is likely it creates a shake in the rig. We did use  the system once at a 4 m/sec speed using a fairly wide lens and still needed no stab head. (This is no guarantee… :-))

These dollies are designed for usage on regular stage trusses (Prolyte). The wheels are adjustable in this way that they will fit most of the commonly available trusses between approximately 28-32 cm.
There are two issues you must bear in mind using our dollies on a stage truss:
1) A stage truss is never straight as a line since the welding has negatively influenced the straightness.
2) When extending your stage truss it is impossible to run over the joint without noticing it (if you’d ever be able to run over it :-)).
This was the very reason for manufacturing the BarTruss: a genuine straight truss with seamless joints.

With just a Mitchell plate you can only attach the camera head to the dolly. When using the TwinTube on a slight slope you’ll have the ability to level the head. Of course we could provide a flat Mitchell plate as well but most of our clients do not have a leveler available from their car :-))

The top of the TwinDolly has a pattern of holes which gives you the ability to place any kind of camera mount you like. Both Panther and MovieTech fitting will match.

The sleepers for the TwinTube are now set on the safe width of 44 cm. If you’d need a specific length please provide your request at order and we will make them customized.

After years of intensive usage or due to negligent handling, the stainless steel joints could get damaged or come out. We intend to provide a tutorial for replacing and realigning these joints on our site soon.

The center bolts in both the BarTruss and the TwinTube are glued. You can exchange them  by hammering them out. An exchange set, complete with bolt, screw and handgrip, is available.

Of course you can exchange the wheels to your own preferences, however this combination of wheels is the result of extensive testing.
The softer the wheels, the smoother the ride will be, although after a while flat spots can occur. The harder the wheels the less free play, but the more sound will be generated and the more every single bump will be recognized.
For now we believe  we found have the best combination in terms of hardness. If you have found wheels that exceed ours in specs and usage please feel free to share this and we will include it into our design cycles.